What is ArtyMiss?

ArtyMiss Publishing is the creative hub of Writer, Illustrator, Artist and Actress Jessica Martin.  Here you can find all things vintage, beautiful and glamorous.  

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Jessica Martin

Founder, Creative


Jessica is an accomplished actress, singer, artist, author and illustrator, and has spent over thirty years performing in theatre, comedy, television and radio. 

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Bob Wakelam



Bob worked in the construction industry for ten years, before moving into computer aided design for construction and engineering industry in 3D modelling and GGI on production and software development for computers and mobile devices.  He now consults to the UK government and construction industry on Building Information Modelling (BIM) with software development and technical training.

Bob teamed up with Jessica in 2009 to develop and maintain her official website and marketing for her theatrical/TV/radio/voice-over career.  He worked closely with Jessica in 2013 to help her market herself and create her brand for production and sale of her first graphic novel.  Bob continues to assist Jessica in all aspects of her publishing business.

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Alex Fobbester



Alex is a professional creative and strategic Marketer, Copywriter, Social Media manager, Voiceover Artist and Actor.  He met Jessica whilst working in the West End together, and came on board with 'ArtyMiss' in early 2016 to help with branding, graphic design, social media and general creative assets.